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Inventory Management Module

Easily Track and Manage Your
Inventory with our Inventory Management Software

Plan timely procurement, manage accurate stock level at various locations, store frequent stock transactions, adjustment and analyse stock movement trends effectively with our intuitive and feature rich inventory module. You can also manage threshold quantity
of stock and maintain product quality with Bill of Material support.

inventory management CRM software

Manage Stock at Multiple Location

SoulCRM provides a robust stock tracking mechanism to help you store and manage stock across multiple branches and godowns. Our module allows you to import product list in excel format and manage it as per location requirement.

inventory tracking feature in crm

Track Inventory as per Location

The software provides you option to enter location details while you are making inventory input in system. This will help you ascertain available stock and required stock details at multiple locations and branches.

Inventory and Stock Management Software

Stock Journal Voucher

Stock journal is a record where all types of stock adjustments are made. The interface has details on product quantity, location, branch and remarks if any. Track current stock level and plan your future
procurement requirements using this simple feature.

inventory management software

Stock transfer JV

Create and store Stock transfer journal vouchers with relevant despatch details easily using SoulCRM. The interface help you manage records of those stocks which are transferred from one branch or godown to another. You can also create tasks on the go.

Manage Threshold Quantity with CRM

Manage Threshold Quantity

You can set threshold limit to maintain minimum and maximum stock level using SoulCRM. You will get notified instantly when your stock level reaches to predefined minimum or maximum limits so that you can take appropriate action quickly.

CRM with BOM Creation Support

Support for BOM

Bill of materials is a comprehensive list of raw materials, components and assemblies required to build or manufacture a product. SoulCRM supports BOM creation and help you accurately estimate cost of manufacturing a product and maintain quality check.

exclusive inventory reports

Exclusive Reports

Get detailed reports on stock movements, branch wise and product wise stock summary, stock valuation, location wise inventory status and threshold stock reports. On top of that analyse supplier product list and customer -wise price list easily.

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