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No ‘Golden Bullet’ to trigger sales; it is the effective execution!

Ever wonder why your sales team sometimes fail to achieve targets, though they are genuinely following defined sales strategy and are working round the clock? You might also conduct training programs, revise their targets, provide better work facilities and environment but still sometimes your team face difficulties in achieving desired results. Why? Well, no it is not the secret sauce or ‘Golden Bullet’ when it comes to selling. But it is actually the execution plan and few smart sales techniques which make well performing sales team stand out.

Motivate your sales team, educate them with some cool techniques and enable sales force automation in organization which can help them close deals faster. Here are best sales practices your team can adapt to not only achieve the targets but outperform them.

Be proactive

Never wait for sales head orders or instructions to perform specific activity but be proactive to perform tasks. Motivated sales team is always ready to take up new challenges and find the best way out to deal with it. E.g. sales member with overloaded leads use tasks management and appointment management features in CRM tool for effective prospect management.

Know your prospects

Do not waste time in selling product or service to those prospects that are not likely to buy it. Research on your customer background, understand their problems and gauge the suitability of your solution to their needs. If needed do take help of questionnaire or conduct survey. Spend time educating about your offer to prospect only when it is indeed worth.

Be well prepared

Once you have done thorough research on customer background, prepare your sales script before going on a call. Jot down points which you can’t afford to miss. Well prepared sales script can be your great assistant. You have already understood what the prospect is looking for and where your offer can be the best fit, that’s it. Take the benefit and convert your prospect into lead.

Educate your prospects

Never make assumptions about prospects knowledge level. Try to educate them with those details which they might be looking for. A great way to educate your prospect is to tell a story with which he can relate to. E.g. a prospect from real estate industry understands terms like property management, dealer management.

Tailor made pitch

Change your presentations, tailor your demo and refine your sales pitch according to lead’s profile and area of interests. Also plan your appointments as per your customer’s time availability. Sales team can easily manage the data and schedule appointments using a simple yet useful customer relationship management tool.

Be ready for counter questions

You will find 1 tough customer out of 8 to deal with. Be prepared to face objections, counter questions. It may happen that the prospect is frustrated with your competitor’s product or other service and you got to deal with his/her predefined notion. When you have researched well about prospect’s background, it becomes easy to manage tough situation.

Timely follow up

It is very important to keep following up on a regular base. Keep track on last conversation, next planned meeting, and required documents to be shared and other tasks to complete, otherwise be prepared to lose your lead. Online customer relationship management software can be the best fit for such tight follow up and task management requirements.

Talk to right audience

Try to get in touch with key decision makers to close deal quickly. You will get your answers and feedback quickly and can plan your following activities accordingly. This will save your time.

Listening is the key

It’s not about talking, talking and talking. But its actually about listening. Let your prospect or customer speaks and you try to listen. Identify what are her core concerns, why is she really interested in your offering and what kind of benefits she is looking for. Once you have identified her problems, ask implication questions and then offer your value proposition.

Stay in touch

Not every lead is going to get converted in deal. But that doesn’t mean that lost lead is lost forever. Keep in touch with them, as once touch is lost with lead there are chances that you may lose business to competitor.

Analyse the outcome

Weather it is a closed deal or lost lead, do analyse. What caused the success or failure? Dig deeper to know real reasons, try to eradicate them or device a strategy to improvise and implement it right away for your next activity.

If you want your sales team to achieve their targets effortlessly, empower them with right techniques and apt tools. SoulCRM can help them manage prospects, schedule appointments, take follow ups and close the deal easily. It will save their time and allow them to be productive. Sign up for Free Demo today!


As an engineer turned entrepreneur, i like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. Motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!

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