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Insights from the SoulCRM Team

SoulCRM Release Notes Version – 0.3.0 – More Flexible, More Powerful

SoulCRM is now more flexible than ever. This release note provides information on the features and improvements in new version. This page includes release notes for all the major releases and bug fixes. If anyone is upgrading from an earlier version of SoulCRM, it is somewhat essential to clear the cache and browsing history to swiftly use the SoulCRM features. Thank you all for believing in us.

New Features

  • Gross Profit Report – A new report under Report>Sales has been offered to give you more insights on your Gross Profit by tracking your expenses against an Invoice right from the Purchase to Sales of a Product.
  • Now you will miss to wish your customers on their Birthdays and Anniversaries, as you can now filter date of birth and anniversary dates in Advance Search of Contacts and Prospects.
  • For manufacturers, we have given an option in Bill of Materials – Product Serial Code, Quantity, and Price variables are now available in Sales Print.
  • In Export of Invoice Analytics Report, user can now view customers Mobile, Office Phone, and Email ID.
  • Under Contract General Report – Invoice Reference, Invoice Amount, Payment Received and Pending Amount can be tracked related to a Contract.
  • Hyperlink on Sales Report to view detail of Contacts. The Reports are -Invoice Analytics, Sales Order Analytics, Quotation Analytics, Invoice Register, Sales Order Register, Quotation Register.
  • Appointment – Reminder can be created against an Appointment.
  • Appointment – Save and Exit Button has been renamed to Save.
  • Filter Menu in Lead, Task, Support Request has been redesigned to give better usability.
  • Calendar has been launched in (Beta) phase, it would be upgraded gradually upon usage and suggestion. Calendar can be reached by – Activity>Calendar.
  • View in Calendar – Appointments / Tasks / Birthday and Anniversary of Clients and Employees.
  • Setup has been categorized for better usability into – Setup, CRM, Sales & Purchase, and Support.
  • All the Holidays created under Company irrespective of the Year will be viewed under Gadgets of Holidays.

Bug Fixes (Improvements)

  • Sales Order – Service without Unit Quantity will not be asked.
  • Email Campaign Report Status will now be update real time.
  • Task Filter is now Working based on Category.
  • Invoice Register and Invoice Analytics Report filter is now working correctly for – Paid / Unpaid Invoices.
  • Errors when filtering Products based Reports in Invoice Analytics has been fixed.
  • Quotation/Sales Order/Invoice will be based on Contact Currency Value, if defined.

Upcoming Features

  • We are excited to announce a new Android based Mobile app, with loads of features and usability. It will be available to you by end of January.
  • An updated web based version of SoulCRM with usability changes.
  • Calendar integration with updated features and real time data sync (Task, Appointment, Anniversary, Date of Birth).

A big Thank You to all those who are using SoulCRM for giving us a better opportunity of improving the product and implementing the new features. SoulCRM team is fully dedicated for providing an easy to use and scalable tool to small and medium enterprises in India. For those who are looking for a powerful, simplified and easy to use CRM for sales team, SoulCRM is best suited solution. Request a Free Trial now!

For any query or feedback, feel free to contact us at hello@soulcrm.com.

Vipin Soni

Vipin Soni joins SoulCRM with the capabilities of applying a strong expertise in data-driven, long-term strategic planning. In addition, Vipin is action driven hybrid professional and growth hacker excelling and developing diverse product portfolio including product feasibility profiles, deal parameters, and customer satisfaction management.

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