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Insights from the SoulCRM Team

10 Signs you need a CRM.

There can be a lot more reasons to have CRM for your company, but we have shortlisted few of them. Our goal is to explain you the importance of CRM for a growing business.

1. You have more then one employee communicating with clients.

have it ever happened when two of your employees sent different proposals for same enquiry? For example, if customer calls for a something to purchase, and then he calls back to provide some missing notes. If those calls were handled by different sales guys and both send proposals with variations then its shameful situation.

With CRM, you can easily manage customers leads at a single place and provide them proper info on time.

2. You are loosing your data.

If you are maintaining your data in notepads, memoes and calendars then managing it with time becomes very tough job. And when you share those with your team then there is a lot of chance of losing data. And if you have everything in single computer then what will happen if that crashes.

Cloud based CRM helps you to overcome such issues, you just require internet connectiona and web-browser and work from anywhere.

3. You miss your followup dates and clients.

Do you know which clients are ready for a quick call back? Is your memory that sharp, that you can remember a appointment if that was scheduled after a month.

CRM always reminds you, that which client is needed to be followed up today or this week. Every time you contact customer via email or call, you can jot down progress in CRM, so there is no wondering about if lead is cold or hot, and if that needs further followups or not.

4. Emails are decentralized.

Emails are good option, when you are handling business alone. But with time they starts growing a lot, searching old emails is pain, and if you miss to share even a single email with your team then it can cause a lot of confusion.

CRM helps you to centerlise communications, which are easy to acess and manage.

5.You don’t have life long employees.

Having all employees for a lifelong is not possible for any business. Once employee goes, what will happen to leads, opportunities and support requests which were being handles by him? And if customer suffers due to this, then you are going loose further business.

CRM makes everything centerlised, so it makes transfer of work seamless.

6. Manage tasks and events

If you have multiple tasks and events, whereas you are suppose to co-ordinate with team and finish them. Then missing a single task can create damaging consequences for business.

CRM helps to create tasks and events, whereas you can involve multiple team-members. You can also track there status and prgoress from dashboards and detailed screens.

7. You treat every customer as same.

It will not be a good idea if you do same amount of effort for hot and cold prospect. CRM helps you to identify which customer is more valuable and which industry or region has more business growth for you offerings.

8. You don’t have proper reporting.

If at the end of every month you have to waste a lot of time in gathering statics about.

  • Lead response time.
  • Avg customer conversion rate.
  • Opportunity-vs-win ratio.
  • Total number of support requests for products
  • Branch wise sales

Then your are having bottleneck for success, as you are wasting your precious business time. With CRM you can have all such data available on your fingertips at any point of time.

9. Clients complaint about your support.

If you are facing the problems like,

  • Customer reported same issue twice and two employees are working on it, without knowing about each others effort.
  • Support request was finished, but it was never updated to client because senior management missed to verify it and then send alert to customer.
  • You require some info from employee, who is on leave right now. And its delaying the work.

CRM’s centric approach can help you to overcome such issues by maintaining all support requests at single place. Also it manages customer’s past support requests and their purchase history, so you are never suppose to be dependent on single person to get things done.

10. You need to grow.

If you need to handles your contacts, products, leads, opportunities, sales, purchase, support requests, tasks, appointments, and marketing campaigns using a single ended solution then you need something very strong. CRM will give you every info at single place, it helps your sales and support team to co-ordinate and get things done. You are not worried about loosing any data when company grows further and new employees join in and few old one leaves.

Take a free trial of SoulCRM, and grow your business.


As an engineer turned entrepreneur, i like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. Motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!

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