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Insights from the SoulCRM Team

Monitor your competitors to drive higher revenues

Needless to say, if you need higher revenues then you should always be ahead in competition. And to do so, you have to track your competitor’s very closely. SoulCRM is designed to easily monitor your competitor’s policies and you can get better reports that how many leads or opportunities you lost in front of your competitor and enable higher management to create new policies and strategies to be ahead of them.

Let us understand how a cloud based SoulCRM CRM can help you to monitor your competitors and drive maximum business.

It helps you to maintain your competitor’s data, whereas you can note down SWOT analysis of them. It will help you to create better strategies for you.

It helps you to understand week points of your competitors and enables you to push cross sell and up sell to your current contacts.

If you start losing leads to your competitor, then it helps team to identify actual factor responsible for it. And can help you to cope up with it.If you still keep on loosing leads then it gives you better view point regarding all factors and helps higher management to come up with new offerings and services.

Let us take an example. There are two opponent companies A and B manufacturing talcum powder are targeting the same piece of audience. Company A is making good profit in front of company B, though the quality of the product does not differ at all. Now the company B decides to invest in SoulCRM software to boost sales and earn increased revenue. With the help of competition management functionality of cloud CRM software, company B can keep an eye on competitors, understand their marketing policies and create new strategies to sell more and earn better.

With the help of CRM, they came to know the differences in the marketing strategy of the competitor company A. Keeping these differences in mind company B can improvise on their strategies. For example, if the company A talcum powder is only known for smooth skin and long lasting fragrance, company B can add another advantage to its product. After detail study of competitors product ,company B decides to add some more features to its existing talcum powder like enhances the beauty and give 24 hour protection from odour.

Now, naturally the customer will get attracted to the product which give them more benefits with same or bit more cost. If the company B has never tracked information about their lost leads using CRM then they might still be struggling in justifying their offerings to customers.

This is a simple example of how can SoulCRM software can help you to keep track of numerous rival companies that pitch for the same sales opportunities to help them maintain an advantage and incorporate winning strategies.


As an engineer turned entrepreneur, i like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. Motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!

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