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Insights from the SoulCRM Team

Customer Support — Way to get more business !!!

Have you ever thought, that providing a better support can lead you more business? As an example to support that point, i will like to share my own experience with one of the leading online store over here. When i was looking for a Smart phone, i got a good deal on e-comm portal and order it. The information which was provided by them was good enough to select my phone, and they also delivered it very quickly. I need to say, i was impressed with speed.

But when i used the phone, its microphones were faulty, and i was not able to make proper calls. I was bit worried about the money i spent for the phone, so i tried to contact them immediately about the problem, and they told me not to worry about it. On second day itself, they sent a person to collect the faulty phone and reverted complete money which was charged before. They haven’t applied any kind of extra charges or fees for doing this, and this way, they got loyal customer for life time :).  The story doesn’t stops over here…. Now when few of my friends where looking for buying some smart phone and tablets, the first thing which came in my mind to refer the e-comm site where i had great support experience, and assured them its safe to purchase from their and not to worry if device is not matching to your expectations. So indirectly, i also gave them referrals, which will generate more business more them.

How you can offer a better customer service, to get more business? Here are the few important points according to me.

1. You should have a well defined and easily accessible FAQ section on your site.

Make sure that customers can get answers to most common questions or problems when they are going to purchase your products or services. If they have anything in mind for making a decision to buy something, then there should be some facility whereas they can contact your support team and get the satisfactory answers, which can help them to purchase things.

2. Care for your new and old customers.

Send offers to your new customers to get engaged more with you, and have some special kind of deals of your customers for being loyal to you. If they feel special with you, then they are going to give you more business in coming days. Never forget to reach them time to time basis and take their inputs about improving your products or services.

3. Be Transperant

You don’t work on weekends? Not a big deal, just let your customers to know about clearly, so they don’t have any kind of doubts if you have got their requests or when you are going to reply them back. With proper transparency with customers, they will always come to know that what are your business timings and they can wait for you to reply in your business hours.

4. Build Knowledge Management

Train you reps. time to time and also build a knowledge based for solving issues with customers. If you are aware of some problem ( and its solution ) and if any other customer has same problem then you should use your knowledge base repository and give them faster solution.

Remember a Happy customer will give you more business, and which means more profits. After all retaining an old customer is also less costly then acquiring a new one. So strengthen your customer support and generate more profitable business.


As an engineer turned entrepreneur, i like to mix artistic and technical things with business activities and try to produce something innovative. Motto at work: Be a rockstar at your place and don’t be robotic!!!

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