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Insights from the SoulCRM Team

Empower Your Sales and Marketing Team By Choosing SoulCRM

One of our clients, who run a pharmaceutical company, mentioned in an interaction that the biggest challenge for him was to manage sales and marketing processes without a proper system in place. And almost 60 other respondents amongst 85 interviewees were of the same opinion. When we started analyzing what caused our customers to buy SoulCRM, the findings were very prominent.

Most of the respondents said that engaging, qualifying and following up with their suspects and leads were the biggest challenge. It’s a chaos and tedious job to manually track leads, prioritize them and take regular follow ups. And that’s where our CRM software helped them solve these challenges.

If you are planning to invest in a CRM system, we advise you to probe deeper into how the system can help you boost your sales and marketing efforts. Here are top 5 features which are must for your business growth.

Suspect, Lead and Contact Management

Suspects are your raw data and a useful system helps you sort, track and finally convert these data into potential leads. A useful CRM system offers you primary features using which you can accurately create and store your leads and customer data. But that’s not enough. We know that you need to nurture your leads and delight your customers. Hence SoulCRM provides you email configuration to send and receive emails from CRM, help you prioritize your leads, set credit limits for your customers and an intuitive filter to have a quick glance at curated data.

Quick Tasks, Reminders and Follow-ups

Allow your team to create tasks, assign them to respective team member, set quick reminders for daily activity and take instant follow-ups with emails. These features help your team improve their productivity and achieve sales targets quickly. Calendar integration allows you to schedule appointment and manage them with simple interface. Moreover, SoulCRM has amazing utility using which you can prioritize your appointments and manage them as per your team’s availability.

Powerful Email Campaigns

Communication is the key when it comes to building your brand. Timely and quality communication is vital. Your every lead or customer is unique and requires custom messages. With help of CRM tool, you can create custom email templates, send them to specific group of people, track their engagement and analyse the campaign outcome. SoulCRM offers you add on features like bulk messages and calling facility with a single click from CRM interface.

Easily Manage Sales Orders, Quotations, Invoices

SoulCRM comes with a feature rich sales module which allows you to generate and manage sales orders, quotations and invoices with ease. All your sales and sales-return transactions with associated tax, product and shipping details are effectively managed within the CRM system. This module is tightly integrated with account and inventory modules to track your sales record with a single click. Further, we understand that your business needs simple mechanism to keep track on every user’s activity and hence SoulCRM offers you workflow approval feature.

Compelling Reports and Analytics

Imagine the power you have when you can produce visual reports for your sales and marketing activities. Analyse your sales team performance, track ROI on your marketing campaigns, track leads based on their status, source and industry type with SoulCRM. You can make accurate sales forecast and plan your marketing budget with such detailed reports. Moreover, when you know your customers better, you tend to deliver improved customer services. Make analytics an integral part of your business processes to set smarter goals.

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I am a passionate marketer and avid reader. I like to write about mobile apps, enterprise level CRM software and cloud computing. I enjoy sketching, reading and exploring new places in my free time.

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